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Put your Instagram on fire with THE BEST strategy for your Stories and Reels!


Learn my attract, engage and convert method to use Stories + Reels to turn more followers into paying clients FAST.




Been sitting on the fence about how to use Stories + Reels strategically?

If keeping up the appearances of Stories is EXHAUSTING because those little bastards only last for 24 hours then girl I got you


And if you haven't even bothered with Reels cause ...... ugh just another thing to do that you don't have time for then girl, I got you there too


Stories and Reels are THE TWO HOTTEST parts of the Instagram platform right now!  And if you aren't using them for more than just posting pics of Friday night ladies drinks you are missing out.


I have sold out my last 2 course launches by DOUBLE THE INTAKE just by using these Stories strategies I will teach you in this vault training


And I have increased my content views by OVER 20 TIMES the average by using Reels.  My Reels get seen by 20+ times more people than my IGTV videos


Do you want the secret sauce to more reach and engagement PLUS conversion focused strategy?  Then get in the vault it's WORTH IT! 


What will this program do for you?

And why my system works

  • STRATEGY FOCUSED   This is focused on teaching you the strategy of creating content for your audience based on their stage in the purchasing journey so you can move them forward FASTER!

  • SIMPLE TECHY TRICKS  I am ALL about the time saving hacks when it comes to creating content - especially video content and Stories! So everything in here is designed to SAVE YOU TIME and tech headaches

  • PURPOSE DRIVEN While you might be scratching your head about whether Reels are just for people to show their best dance moves..... let me show you some REEL Reels strategy with Reels ideas that are not just dancing and changing your outfit 20 times (ain't nobody got time for that!)

What's Included

This value you won't see anywhere else.

  • Stories + Reels Masterclass

    A 90 minute Masterclass to teach you how to create Stories + Reels with REEL strategy to meet your client at each stage of the purchase journey and move them to conversion FASTER!


    No fancy conversion funnels needed, just content your people love on a platform they already use 

  • BONUS Stories Templates

    10 editable stories templates (HINT HINT these can be used as Reels cover pics too!)


    No design skills needed just a FREE canva account 

  • Create A Reel Guides For IG & Inshot

    Not just one but TWO create a Reel guides in here!  A PDF with a step by step guide to creating Reels direct on Instagram.


    AND a video tutorial of how to create HOT AF Reels in the Inshot App.  This is great for adding extra video features and adding music if you don't have it!

  • BONUS 30 Reels Content Prompt Ideas

    Stuck for content for your Reels?  I have 30 content prompts for you!


    No dancing or pointing required in these Reels just good strategy with solid content that works!


Are You Ready?

To FINALLY get out of your own way and create Stories + Reels that are lit?


To know EXACTLY what content to create for both Stories + Reels?


Be able to start driving excitement and building momentum in your business using them even if your audience is small?


Get The Stories + Reels Vault NOW!

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Have REELY amaze Insta content and an award winning strategy!


Get clicking babe and this is all yours



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