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Amplify your social media business and be an ICON

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Are You Ready To Amplify Your Social Media Business?

Are you offering social media services to your clients and are ready to take them to that next level?


Next level of service, next level of clients and next level of income! 


After 2.5 years of coaching those who offer social media services - Virtual Assistants, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, Digital Marketers, Content Creators, Coaches and more - I know how unique your business needs are


Because social media is so diverse 

Because your audience are asking you to do one bazillion things

Because you want to work less and earn more

Because you want to break away from the 1:1 service model and smash your current income ceiling

Because social media services are so freaking under-valued

Because you deserve to be paid for your knowledge, creativity and worth


So let's amplify your offers and get your business set to THRIVE not just survive


Business gets to be easy babe

This is for you if...

If you offer ANY social media services to your clients either as an entire niche offer or in pockets of your business:


- Social Media Content Creation

- Social Media Copy

- Paid Ads Creation & Management

- Social Media Copy

- Scheduling Posts

- Social Media Coaching 

- Social Media Courses

- Community Management (pages and groups)

- Promotional Resources (like lead magnets or email opt in promoted on socials)


AND you are ready too......

  • Charge More For Your Services, and finally get paid your worth

  • Have Complete Offer Clarity, and standout in your niche so you can do what you love

  • Create Programs & Move Away From Done For You Services, to free up your time

  • Have Better Funnels For Your Own Business , so you can sell more with less effort

What The Beta Program Will Give You

Be a part of the movement to bring soul-led, purpose driven social socials worldwide

  • 6 Week Group Coaching Container

    Next live round with weekly zoom coaching starts Feb 16th and you get access to all the content from our previous round when you register


    PLUS you get forever access to the members group so you can do it as often as you need to

  • The Momentum of Mentorship

    We will also utilise VOXER (a text and voice messaging app) for the duration as a group so you can all communicate with each other and me.


    This allows mentoring at that unmatched next level in between our zoom sessions so you get hands on, immediate support when you need it.  Or just share what you are cooking for dinner - I always love a dinner hack!

  • The LIVE Learning Lesson System

    You will have access to a Facebook Group that is a SAFE SPACE for you to share ANY of the unique things you need support with.


    Client work, writing proposals, quoting, offer creation, launch processes, resources creation - you name it nothing is off the table in this group #amplified

  • The Social Selling System

    You will get access to The Social Collective membership for 6 months so you can learn my methods, blueprints, formulas, hacks and strategies for social media.


    This comes with a complete lesson library, 6 masterclasses (and more every month), social media templates and content calendars.  You can use or steal any of what I do to grow your own business! 

Why Me? 

If we haven't met before I'm Stacey, Social Media + Digital Product Coach and it's my complete passion to help entrepreneurs create standout online brands using social media.


In my time working with those who offer social media services I have been able to help my clients go from lead-less to fully booked, stressed out service provider to mentor and coach, charge more, create more time and offer the services THEY want to offer.


Bringing more life, vibrancy, abundance and joy to their businesses.  And I want to give that to you too.


When you join this community you get forever access to the content and support group, so you get the benefits of the learning now and whenever you need it in the future


If you are ready to amplify your business then let's do this!


Want to chat more?  Hit the button below and we can shoot the breeze online about if this is for you.

    2 Payment Plans To Choose From

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    We keep it real simple around here!

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    Payment Plans

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    From $444

    What Some Of My Social Babes Have Said...

    Stacey is truly an expert in digital marketing and her up to date knowledge in an everchanging industry is aspirational.  

    I absolutely love her courses because they are straight to the point, they give exceptional value and she gives you all the tricks that other courses don’t.  

    The best part is that if I need Stacey for any back up advice on socials she is only too willing to help out.  

    This is the best investment I have made for both myself and my business! 

    Donna Marks

    Donna Marks Virtual Assistant

    Stacey has been huge answer to my prayers. I launched two new businesses and desperately needed to better understand the world of Social Media. I completed her 101 challenge and then signed up for The Social Superstar Formula program WOW!! Stacey is the best!!!! You step into an awesome tribe and get so much from her courses and coaching. So so happy I found Stacey

    Kylie Brown

    Your Virtual Admin Star

    You know sometimes when you read something - like a blog or a long insta post - from someone and you're just like 'YES, I really vibe with everything you say, where can I get more??'
    That's how I felt when I read one of Stacey's social media blog posts (I don't even know how i found it). I signed up to the 5 day free challenge and just loved all the really content/relationship-building tips along with really specific, practical advice so when her special deal came out for one-to-one sessions I jumped on it! Honestly, I gained so much really specific, useable information and tips from our couple of one hour sessions and that info has really helped me to flesh out my content strategy and figure out ways to grow my tribe without going straight to paid advertising. Did I mention she's also a down-to-earth, really genuine and relatable person too?
    Highly recommend

    Nat Welfare

    Collab X Social




    In 6 easy to navigate steps to having a thriving business that gets to be EASY at the same time


      Unlock your why so you can craft deeply resonant messaging to attract your dream clients


      Claim your seat in this industry and fully embrace you niche


      Get complete offer clarity and craft the most delicious irresistible offers that you audience are lining up to buy


      All the tools you need to deliver your services to maximise profit so you aren't spending on unnecessary platforms or resources


      Client care, onboarding, offboarding and how to deal with challenges


      How to create your signature selling system for your offers

    Ready For Some Bonuses?!

    All THIS comes in your access to The Social Collective membership 👏🏻

    VALUED AT OVER $1000

    • The Lesson Vault

      Get access to the complete back catalougue of juicy AF social media lessons & masterclasses.

    • Social Media Style Guide

      Editable style guide to plan your signature social media style

    • Trello Management System

      My signature social media Trello Management System - it's EPIC

    • Content Calendars

      Content prompt calendars for Facebook, Instagram + Email Marketing

    • Social Media Templates

      Editable square, stories + infographics templates

    • Social Media Metrics Tracker

      My sexy as heck metrics tracker that makes numbers fun

    Are you ready?

    • To FINALLY have offer clarity

      So you can craft the most irresistable offers that your audience are lining up to buy. No more wondering where your next lead is coming from

    • To FINALLY charge your worth

      And make MORE money by working smarter and creating more time in your life.  No more hustling every minute of the day

    • To FINALLY have your own signature selling system that works

      So you can STOP working on everyone else's business all the time and actually have your own systems that drive real clients each and every month

    Still Got Some Q's? Maybe this can help..

    When is the next LIVE round?

    How much time do I need to devote to this each week?

    Do I get access to the LIVE coaching in the next LIVE round of the program?

    How long do I have access to the content for?

    Does this include 1:1 coaching?

    I don't offer social media services is this for me?

    This program is specifically for those who are offering or want to offer social media services, if this is not an industry in your offer suite then this is not the right program for you.  I would head over and check out The Social Collective membership program that is where I can assist you the best.





    * No refund for change of mind

    * All payments that are 7 days in arrears will result in lost access to the program until payment can be restored


    THAT'S IT! Simple hey!



    2 Payment Plans To Choose From

    Choose Your Superstar Package

    We keep it real simple around here!

    Pay In Full

    Best Value


    Payment Plan

    Flexible Option - 3 x 6 Monthly Payments

    From $444

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