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This simple 3 step DM strategy is focused on attracting your audience to DM you, ZERO icky DM tactics that are so last year


The DM Inbox Is The Email Of Social Media

When was the last time you checked out the stats on your link clicks from your sales posts?  


When I did this recently with my clients we discovered that about 1-2% of people are actually heading to your web link or sales page link you are leaving on your posts.


WHY?  Because of one simple fact.......  CONVERSATIONS EQUAL CONVERSIONS


The more conversations you create the more of your audience convert into REAL paying clients.


Not only that DM stats rate super high on the algorithm so the more people in your DM inbox the more you are being seen by them AND PEOPLE LIKE THEM!  Algorithm busting at it's damned finest.


But you don't want to be a sleazy DM hanger-outer-er doing the dogdy 'slide in the DM' thing.  You want to INSPIRE them to DM you so you can create valuable conversations that go somewhere.


What will a good DM strategy do for you?

And why my system works

  • IT'S A HUMAN APPROACH NOT A BOT   By inviting DM's I have DOUBLED the intake for my courses when I launch.  Having a real, human conversation with my people makes them feel valued and attracts more DREAM clients.

  • IT MEETS PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE AT.  If your audience is on social media then it makes sense to create conversations with them there.  Asking people to email you or book free calls is just more time consuming and harder for them to access you

  • IT'S AN ALGORITHM GOLDMINE. DM's rate highly on the algorithm as engagement.  The more people in your inbox the more people you will be seen by.  It's that simple.  T

What's Included

This value you won't see anywhere else.

  • Down With The DM - Drive, Engage and Convert

    My authentic DM attraction system to have a thriving DM inbox of engaged people who are lining up to become clients

  • BONUS Instagram Engagement Handbook

    3 of the BEST lessons for Instagram handpicked from The Social Collective membership!


    1. Create a SWIPE UP link for Stories with less than 10k followers

    2. How to create a Reel

    3. The 10 minute Instagram engagement strategy

  • Down With The DM - 

    Inbox Management 

    The COMPLETE process to manage your inbox and AUTOMATE some of the communications and save you time!

  • BONUS 3 Part Video Training 

    The MEMBERS ONLY video REPLAYS from the Driving, Engaging and Converting DM LIVEs in my members group.


    These DEEP DIVE into sales strategy

    We talk about mindset and selling

    And cover ALL the things that make this process real and authentic with ZERO icky tactics in sight.


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