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This starter program gives you all the foundations to create your course strategy, name it and map out your course structure so you can launch + build it




Have You Got A Message The World Needs To Hear?

So you have had this idea for an online course for a while


You keep thinking about it and saying to yourself 'I must look into that'


Then you see someone selling a course on how to create courses, so you have a peep at the sales page....... eeeek $5k price tag


Let me tell you a teeny tiny secret, the BIGGEST thing you need to master to have a successful program is..........


NOT the right tech stack.  

It's NOT having an audience of 10K + 

It's NOT having a fancy funnel that costs thousands to run


It's the STRATEGY, a validated offer you know will SELL and a knowing how to position it to your audience so they say HELL YES! 


Even if you only have a small audience right now.


The Course Creation Starter will help you do ALL that and more!  


What will this program do for you?

And why my system works

  • OFFER VALIDATION   You want to know your course will SELL so I teach you how to validate your offer even if it's a little hatchling idea and make it a sellable offer your audience won't be able to say no to

  • THE PERFECT PACKAGE  You'll learn my secrets to packaging up your offer like a diamond from Tiffanys with so much value your audience will be whipping out their credit cards like nobodies business

  • MAP IT OUT Whether you have a small audience or a large one we cover how to get ready to sell your course, map it out and choose the right structure for your business (course or membership)

What's Included

This value you won't see anywhere else.

  • Your Course Roadmap

    Get the COMPLETE course roadmap system which is the ENTIRE module one of my FULL Course Creation Project



  • BONUS Course Income Calculator

    Get your pricing PERFECT with the course income tracker that shows you the real $$ in your course or membership

  • FULL Learning System

    Online portal with easy to follow video trainings, workbooks and your bonuses all in one place


    VALUE = $297

  • BONUS Landing Page Workflow

    Create a landing page that sells so you can start selling your course before it's even built... AKA make profit NOW


Are You Ready?

To FINALLY get out of your own way and get that course coming to life?


Know EXACTLY what course you are creating and have it fully mapped out?


Be able to start driving excitement and building momentum for your course even if your audience is small?


Get The Course Creation Starter NOW!

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