The Course Creation Project

Create more income in your business with my proven formula to get your course online with consistent 5 & 6 figure launches.

Are You Ready To Finally Create That Online Course?

Do you have something the world needs and know how to teach it to people?


Want to teach MORE people by doing this online but just lack the skills to set it all up?


Want a proven system to sell your online program that will get you sales on autopilot?


Do you know you need to adapt your business & future proof it but are just not tech savvy?


I hear you babe, and this is exactly what I am going to help you with


Let's break it down, cut out all the fluff and nonsense and get your brilliant knowledge online and selling so you can help more people, free up more of your time and make more money! 

Why My System?

Online programs have been the cornerstone of my business from day dot BUT I didn't always get it right, in fact I belly flopped spectacularly a few times!


Over time I have gotten the art of course creation down to 4 simple steps which includes a complete selling system to consistently launch with 5 & 6 figure launches.


And now I am going to teach my 4 steps to you

  • The proven strategy, the secrets no-one else is telling you about how EASY it is to make money from your course immediately

  • Tech for the tech less, you don't need to be a graphic designer or massive tech geek here, all the systems I use are simple PLUS I have all the creative tools & plug n play templates to help you

  • The sexy sales system, my COMPLETE automated selling system that really does make it possible to sell your programs in your sleep (I know it's so cliche but it's actually true!)

  • With full support, with all the creative tools and templates you will need the entire process is mapped out for you from start to finish

But what can an online program REALLY do for my business?

The 4 massive reasons you need to get your course up and running NOW!

  • Create More Time

    Free up more time by teaching multiple people at once rather than only F2F hours.  So you can spend more time doing the thing you love and with your family.

  • Turn Your Product Into More Profits

    Yes even product based babes can do this!  If you make a product yourself or have created a product based business yourself, you could be a MENTOR for others by turning your knowledge into a program

  • Raise Your Prices

    Make your 1:1 service a PREMIUM service and raise your prices, meaning you can earn more for your most precious resource - your time.

  • Have An Army Of Avid Referrers 

    With more clients on your books you have MORE people recommending you.  PLUS most course platforms allow you to set up affiliate programs so your biggest fans can sell your programs for you! #nobrainer


  • Slide Decks Templates

  • Email Sequence Plug & Play Templates

  • Landing Page Workflow 

  • Lead Magnet Webinar Template

  • Challenge Marketing Lead Magnet System

  • Complete Step By Step Tech Workflow

  • It's all here waiting for you babe......

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Some babes who I have helped already...

Stacey’s course on creating an online course came at just the right time for me. I had been thinking about creating and online program for a while and having Stacey there to walk me through how to create this was exactly what I needed. From mapping out my course, to navigating the tech and then most importantly creating a selling system. When it comes to sales and marketing, Stacey is a pro.

Sally Watson

Sally Watson Career Coach

Stace completely changed my life!  I was a burntout small business owner living on little sleep.  Then she taught me her proven social media system AND said 'babe you should have an online program and teach people your skills!'.  So I turned my online fashion label into a program to teach others how to do the same! Plus I've been able tap into Stace's social media teaching by being one of her affiliates so my students get the BEST in this area and I make extra money as an affiliate.

Tracey Crawford

Zohii The Label

Working with Stacey is one of the best investments I have made for my business. I have gone from an idea’s person to an action taker in less than 6 months. The biggest take away is that I have learnt how to create a buzz around events / programs. With Stacey’s support I sold out my first membership program and an open day I announced was waitlisted within 3 days and additional classes added! I highly recommend Stacey’s programs for enhancing your social media and marketing know-how.

Gemma Pritchard

Connect Pilates Studio

And these legends...

This course has been absolutely amazing! I’m feeling so confident launching my new course. Thank you for showing up and providing a heap of value. 


I am so excited to launch my new online program and be on this journey!

Ashlee Thomas

Flexible Work Champion

I am so grateful I attended The Course Creation Project. I had a course in mind for quite some time but didn’t know how to execute it, it all seemed too time consuming & hard. Stacey gave us step by step direction on how to create our course as well as how to publish it & best of all SELL IT!
She went above & beyond offering a bucket load of support. It was also really nice to be part of a community who are also creating or turning their passions into courses that they can share with their ideal clients.

Harmony Robinson-Stagg

Harmony Inspired Yoga & Ayurveda

Stacey was the the best women to guide me to help me sell my course online. When I saw Stacey's course creation advertise, first thought was I must be sending some energies across the ditch to Stacey. I so highly recommend this course to create something you love. The best part of it our pop group, Stacey's generous nature and drive to help others, along with the detail covered in the course is amazing. I loved it very much and the strategies I learn from Stacey will stay with me forever.

Anju Desai

Bollywood Party In NZ

Get To Know Me

Hey! I'm Stacey, nice to meet you babe.


I am a social media strategist and coach who helps small brands who need to up level their DIY marketing skills so they can create the passion filled and profitable business they deserve.


Online courses have been the single BEST thing I ever did for my business and I attribute my success to having these offers.


I am also a mum, wife, cat owner and champagne enthusiast.  I grew up in the country NSW and I can attest to the fact that you can never take the country out of the girl.  I am more at home in the bush than I am in heels.


As someone who built her business from scratch on her own I know how valueable your time and money is so if you need to chat to me I take all phone calls personally and would love to talk more about how this membership can help you.


So click the link below and let's chat


I look forward to meeting you soon.




    • Kick off strategy
    • The 3 key components to crush your course creation 
    • The two SECRET ingredient to course creation no-one tells you
    • Titles & taglines - how to formulate them for success
    • Your complete course roadmap 



    Course Strategy Workbook

    Roadmap Workbook



    • Pricing your program
    • The 3 step delivery process 
    • Landing pages that sell
    • Upsells & Bundle content
    • Bonus Offers



    Module slide decks 

    Intro & Outro Script Templates

    Landing page template 

    Upsells & Extras Workbook



    • The simple tech system 
    • How to put it all together 
    • Uploading your launch content
    • Get ready to GO LIVE


    • Course launch formula
    • Lead magnets that convert
    • Elegant email marketing
    • Putting it on autopilot



    Webinar template & slide deck

    Plug & Play email templates

    Launch workflow 

    Social Media templates

This Is For You If....

  • You Have Something You Can Teach People

  • You Are Ready To Earn Money On Autopilot

  • Want To Reach More People & Help Them

  • Create More Time By Reducing F2F Hours 

  • Need A Complete System Without Guess Work

  • Have An Online Course & Need To Level It Up

Some Of Our Fave FAQ's

How Long Do I Have Access To The Content?

How Much Time Do I Need To Devote To This?

Does This Include 1:1 Coaching?

No it doesn't but you can add on mentoring with me if you want to just email and let's chat

Is There Any Other Costs Associated?

The systems I recommend are paid platforms but I have recommendations for $0 options if dollars are a concern.  For those who use my recommended platforms the costs start from $29 per month which you will make back in your first sale and then some! 

Do I Need To Be Good At Tech?

NO!  The tech systems I teach integrate beautifully or are fully integrated within the course hosting software.  Making your entire process seamless from start to finish.

Does This Work For Mini Programs Or Advanced?

I have helped people build selling systems and programs for a $29 offer and also helped people build and sell 4 figure programs!  So it's all applicable to any size learning program





* No refund for change of mind

* Any payments that are 7 days in arrears will result in loss of access to the course until payment can be restored


THAT'S IT! Simple hey!


Ready To Join The Project?

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  • One Off Payment OR Flexible Payment Plan

  • No Hidden Costs

  • The Complete System

  • And All The Tools

  • So You Can Make Money Sooner!

Choose your own adventure!